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About Nevis

The Enchanting Island of Nevis

There's something about this small, sombrero shaped island that grabs you. The charm and tranquility takes you back to a time when things were simpler, when life was more peaceful, when stress was just a word, not a way of life.

Nevis is special, a place that will seduce you, and tug at your heart strings after you leave.


Nevis is paradise for nature lovers. Just listen to the monkeys chattering in the trees, the doves cooing in the distance. There is excellent snorkeling just offshore and scuba diving around wrecks and natural reefs. For those more interested in man-made exploration, try your hand at archaeology, or exploring the ruins of old sugar plantations, a lime kiln, or Amerindian sites.

These are the rainforests, reefs, and ruins of Nevis, a fascinating destination for people who enjoy the natural side of the tropics. 

Hiking in the rain forest is a must for everyone, whether it be the short hike through the nature trail at Golden Rock Plantation Inn or a day-long climb to the top of Nevis Peak (3,232 feet). Walk on the beach and learn about the nesting of sea turtles with a biologist as your guide, or go snorkeling with a marine biologist to learn about life under the sea. 

There are even night beach walks available, to study the stars, seemingly light years away from the glare of the cities. 

The island is covered with the ruins of the sugar plantation era, which declined in the late 1800s after slavery was abolished and the sugar beet created competition for sugar cane. Over the years, volunteer groups and researchers have come to the island to explore the history of the old buildings and record them for future generations. Several archaeology projects led by university researchers from England and the United States continue each year.


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