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Charlestown Port

Charlestown Port is situated in the island’s capital “Charlestown”.  This port handles cruise ships, yachts and inter-island ferry services between Charlestown and Basseterre, St. Kitts.  Vessels with draughts up to 3 meters can dock alongside the main pier.  Larger vessels are required to anchor in designated areas, and passengers and crew use tenders to travel ashore.  Yachts up to 90 feet are required to tie to moorings. read more

Cotton Ginnery Mall


The Cotton Ginnery Mall is an added attraction to the Port of Charlestown and is ideally located for passengers disembarking cruise ships and yachts. Apart from the shopping convenience for gifts and local art and crafts, residents and tourists alike find it a most relaxing garden.

This delightful building in the center of Charlestown was converted from a former factory building into a modern-day downtown shopping complex. Using bright-colored railings and paint, the renovations have created a lively business center in town. The old stone building with its walled courtyard was once the cotton ginnery on the island. Financed by the Canadian International Development Agency and the Nevis Island Administration (the local government), the restoration is a plus for the town and a home to several shops and a small restaurant and bar.

In addition to the mini shops, most selling island-centric items, this cheerful structure is the home of the Culturama Secretariat which organizes and promotes the island’s greatest summer festival and the Nevis Philatelic Bureau, which issues stamps with direct relation to Nevis and events of international importance.

A visit to the breath-taking Charlestown Port and waterfront will require a trip to the colourful Cotton Ginnery Mall.

Ferry Schedule

Monday - Thursday | full schedule
From Charlestown
6:00 am | Caribe Queen
7:00 am | Mark Twain
8:00 am | Caribe Breeze
8:30 am | Sea Hustler

From Basseterre
6:00 am | Sea Hustler
7:00 am | Caribe Breeze
8:00 am | Caribe Queen
9:30 am | Caribe Breeze

Yacht Moorings


Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority (NASPA) installed 40 yacht moorings along the western or Caribbean coast of Nevis from Oualie Beach to Charlestown to provide safe anchorage for mariners visiting the island.  NASPA also installed 50 swim buoys along Pinneys Beach from the Four Seasons Resort to Pinneys Beach Hotel in order to create a safe swimming area.  [ Read more ]