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Vance Amory Airport

Vance W. Amory International Airport serves the needs of commercial carriers such as Cape Air, WINAIR, Coastal Air, Air Sunshine, Seaborne Airlines, Fly Montserrat and Tradewind Aviation and cargo operators DHL and FEDEX. The airport also caters to the travelling comfort of the high end corporate traveller making their way to and from this tropical paradise via their business jets.  The general aviation enthusiast is welcomed as well to sample the delights of our unique Nevisian hospitality using the airport gateway whether travelling alone or as part of an escorted journey group or flying club.

Airport Travel


Departure Procedures & Reminders

  1. On arrival at the airport, proceed to the relevant airline and check in for your flight.
  2. Proceed to the cashier and pay exit taxes.
  3. Proceed to emigration.
  4. Prepare for the security screening process.  Note the following:
  • Footwear, hats and jackets must be removed before passing through screening;
  • Ensure that metal items are taken off and placed in the tray. These include belts, buttons, steel toe shoes;
  • All carry-on items will must be placed in a tray for screening;
  • Cameras, laptops, and other electronic devices should be placed on a tray to pass through screening;
  • Boarding passes and personal identification (e.g., passport, and/or birth certificate) must be shown to screening personnel.


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Customer Review

“Thank you so much for the amazing job you and your team did for our group. Your warm welcome and ease of arrival/departure was more than we could have asked for. Our clients all left knowing that Nevis was an aviation friendly destination and they are sure to share their experience with fellow pilots, friends and family” (2014 Air Journey TBM Group)