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Charlestown Port

Charlestown Port is situated in the island’s capital “Charlestown”.  This port handles cruise ships, yachts and inter-island ferry services between Charlestown and Basseterre, St. Kitts.  Vessels with draughts up to 3 meters can dock alongside the main pier.  Larger vessels are required to anchor in designated areas, and passengers and crew use tenders to travel ashore.  Yachts up to 90 feet are required to tie to moorings. read more

The Charlestown Port


The Charlestown Port, one of the gateways to Nevis is considered one of the most attractive waterfronts in the region. The facility has a nice blend of the ancient and modern times, a reminder of the past and present. With an atmosphere of intimacy and high quality service, the Charlestown Port is one of lovely point of entries to this pristine island, the birth place of Alexander Hamilton.

Our beautiful flower garden, restored iron shed, washroom, artifacts of crane, anchor and other machineries used up until the mid 1970’s such as those used to process cotton, making the product ready for shipping, all helped to beautify our surrounding and form part of the historical Charlestown.

At the Charlestown Port, there are three main ferry operators that provide an exceptional daily ferry service which allows you to travel at your convenience between Charlestown and Basseterre. It is usually a smooth forty-five minute sail across the Narrows.

The Charlestown Port also provides accommodation for all cruise calls along with the hundreds of yachters who visit our shores annually. Operators of these vessels now have the convenience of processing their documents all at one location, saving them time and extra cost. This facility also provides a 24 hr security service throughout the year.

Visitors to our shores and locals alike can purchase locally made crafts and other unique items at the little Caribbean designed shops at the port. Adjacent to the Port is its subsidiary, the Cotton Ginnery Mall with its relaxing and beautiful court yard and good for island shopping.

The raising of national flags of various nations adds a modern touch to this beautiful town while at the same time provides that welcoming view when sailing into the port. Flags flown represent several regional and international countries. A careful look among them may very well reveal your flag of allegiance.

The Nevis Air & Sea Ports Authority continues to ensure that the Charlestown Port improves on the service provided to the travelling public. It continues to seek ways and means to enhance and further develop its picturesque and charming facility.

Ferry Schedule

Monday - Thursday | full schedule
From Charlestown
6:00 am | Caribe Queen
7:00 am | Mark Twain
8:00 am | Caribe Breeze
8:30 am | Sea Hustler

From Basseterre
6:00 am | Sea Hustler
7:00 am | Caribe Breeze
8:00 am | Caribe Queen
9:30 am | Caribe Breeze

Yacht Moorings


Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority (NASPA) installed 40 yacht moorings along the western or Caribbean coast of Nevis from Oualie Beach to Charlestown to provide safe anchorage for mariners visiting the island.  NASPA also installed 50 swim buoys along Pinneys Beach from the Four Seasons Resort to Pinneys Beach Hotel in order to create a safe swimming area.  [ Read more ]