Job Vacancy: Deputy Chief Security Officer

The successful candidate will be responsible to the Chief Security Officer (CSO).  

Duties Applicant must be able to:

  • Assist the Chief Security Officer in the day to day management, planning, directing and coordinating of the Security Division operations
  • Supervise and organize placement of staff as required, delegate tasks, and monitor and evaluate staff performance.
  •  Develop an ongoing training program in the relevant areas to assist in the overall development and effectiveness of the Security staff
  • Formulate and implement departmental policies, processes and procedures including best practices to maximize output and support organizational goals.
  • Monitor adherence to rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Implement and manage best practices, improve processes and policies
  •  Manage the maintenance of all security equipment.
  •  Assist the Chief Security Officer in the development of a security plan for the organization and to implement and manage the said plan.

Education and Experience   Applicant must:

  • Have achieved academic/certified training in a security related field.
    Possess at least 5 years’ experience at a middle management/supervisory level in a security related organization.
    Be an intelligent, articulate and persuasive leader who can serve as an effective member of the senior management team.
  • Be a team player, people oriented and able to motivate his staff and manage conflicts.
  • Have a desire to undergo further training in aspects of port related security 
  • Possess good communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills and be able to make management decisions.   Salary will be commensurate with qualification and experience.  

Application must be addressed to:
The General Manager Nevis Air & Sea Ports Authority,
 Long Point Port, Nevis